Thursday, December 29, 2005

A day in my life...according to my friend Lakshmy

Hard to sum up a person in words... you can never do justice that way. Ennalum... here it goes. Picture a small temple, in a small village, in Kerala. This temple is ancient, and is surrounded by greenery... with a lotus pond in front of it. If you look to the right side, you will see a small path. Follow this path and it will lead you to a big, 2 storied house. This is where.. the famous Kochi Rajavu lives.. Mm.. even though he is of royal descent... he lives as a normal Keralite. After waking up at 5 AM... he runs straight to the computer in his room. He logs into messenger... and ferverently checks his offlines and e-mails. After this ritual.. he goes for his morning jog... returns, gulps down his tea... and then runs to his office.

Upon entering his office.. he logs into messenger again. This is usually the time when Lakshmy is online. He obtains all the help he needs for the day from this trustful friend, Lakshmy. She advices him on every single assignment he has to finish... she even helps him with an online interview for another job. Then.. after gathering this knowledge from Lakshmy, he uses it to tackle his daily workload.

Upon return home from work, he has a chaya.. and then logs into messenger again. Usually, he is tired/moody around this time. Lakshmy is online again.. and he yells at her for not responding to his messages. He then decides that it isn't worthwhile to sit in front of the computer anymore... he goes upstairs to his terrace, and watches the stars. Then he decides that its too cold... comes back down... applies moov to his hand which is aching from all the typing he has done, and finally goes to sleep....

just to start this same routine, all over again.. the next day